Sonoran cues are so-named because they are built in the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona where wood cures to the perfect moisture content for providing the most stable playing instruments that money can buy.

And playing is what Sonoran Originals are all about.

Our “Originals” are very simple in design; which is the precise reason they play so well.  We refrain from using the harsh-hitting components (like stainless steel and other hard materials) that are so commonly found in other cues.  We also minimize the size and configuration of the synthetic components that we do use in order to give the player the closest hit possible to that of an all-wood, one-piece cue.

At Sonoran Cue Creations, we start with carefully selected and aged hardwoods, and then hand craft each cue in our small shop in Glendale, Arizona.

purpleheart_small2 purpleheart_small1

Sonoran Originals are available in seven different butt woods: Ash, Bocote, Cocobolo, Goncalo Alves, Maple, Purpleheart, and Red Oak.  Since the construction in all of our Originals is the same, the basic hit will be the same, however, a slightly different vibration frequency will be experienced with each of the seven different butt woods.


Butt material: hardwoods

Shaft material: rock maple

Standard length: 59 in.

Lengths available: 57 to 60 in.

Standard finish: urethane gloss

Joint screw: 3/8-11 brass

Standard joint: phenolic

Joint type: flat faced

Balance point: 18-20 in.

Standard wrap: leather

Standard butt cap: phenolic

Standard number of shafts: one

Standard taper: custom

Standard ferrule: ivory substitute

Standard tip: Le Pro

Tip widths available: any



$500 + shipping



Currently running about six weeks